Fly Responsibly…Please!

A few simple tips to remember while flying your equipment:
1. One really important thing to remember is that flying is a privilege and not a right. 2. Never fly over people or near a group of people.  Whenever possible announce yourself and let folks know what your plans are. 3. Read your entire manual and the pilot training guide , and practice, practice ... practice!  See our e-book for exercises and tips. 4. Do not rely on GPS position hold, return to home, or altitude hold to get you out of a bad situation. 5. Take your time in the learning process, if you are not 100% comfortable, repeat the process, whether it is hovering, turning or any move. 6. When starting out, if you have a large back yard...great...if not, go to an open field where there is no one around and limited trees and wires. 7. If you plan to start up an aerial photography business, first you must get yourself familiar with all aspects of the equipment.  You cannot start a business the day you begin to practice flying . 8. It is important to steer clear of real air traffic in your area and always stay below 400′ above ground level (AGL). 9. People are inquisitive and will ask questions.  Good reason to have answers and know your machinery. 10. Always land in safe distance from  yourself and other people.    

The Advantage

We have found some advantages of our Quad Copters and Helicopters and they are huge.  The first and foremost is that it is much less expensive and opens this service up to many who would otherwise be unable to take aerial shots for their business or event.  Helicopters are not legally allowed to come down below 500 feet in populated areas, and an Airplane is 1000 feet.   We have found that the FAA allows the Quad Copters an upper limit of 400 feet.  We have found that taking a photo of a building or structure from between 100 and 250 feet is ideal and there is no detail lost.   We are able to give you a unique shot that really has not been accessible before.

Photography at the next level.