How will the media be delivered?
After we select the final images we generally deliver the photos over Dropbox.  We can also deliver via FTP, DVD or SD Card.  What ever works best for you, just let us know.
How do you know what you are photographing?
The camera operator controls the actions of the camera in HD from a mobile downlink station.  This station allows the operator to view the image in an LCD display and from this viewpoint can control pan, tilt, roll, gyro gain, zoom iris and on-off.
How do we proceed and book your services?
You can call us or email us with the details of your project, including the location, date and time.   We will review your details and email you an estimate for your review.  We do require a 50% deposit upon approval, with the full balance due when the photography is complete and the final images are selected.
How much notice do you need to book a session?
Depending on our schedule and the time of year, a week to 10 days is desirable.  Please remember we must consider the weather as well.
What is included in your services?
We capture high-resolution 24 megapixel single images for your review.  We provide you a proof gallery for your final proof selection.  All images you have selected are then edited and corrected before delivery to you.
Can you fly over large crowds?
For safety reasons we avoid flying over groups of people.  When this does take place  we advise everyone in the area so they can be aware.  Great shots can be taken from off set distances, so this is not a big concern.   Safety is our #1 concern.
Do you fly responsibly and respect the privacy of others?
We fly with one spotter at all times.  We check and double check our equipment before flying as well as carefully survey the entire site and take note of any possible obstacles.   For safety reasons we do not fly over groups of people using our larger aerial cameras and whenever possible we are sure to advise everyone we are in the area and we are filming.  We know that great shots are easily obtainable from a safe offset distance.  We will never intrude on the privacy of others.      

Photography at the next level.